Bangkok at Beltline Opens, Introduces First Ever Afternoon Thai Tea Concept

December 15, 2015
Bangkok at Beltline Afternoon Thai Tea

Richardson’s new Bangkok at Beltline hails as the second casual Thai establishment for restaurateurs Joe and Sunny Pumphaung, who have locally owned Bangkok City at Greenville Avenue since 2005. Sweet and ultra charismatic, the couple’s passion for delectable Thai cuisine embodies their newest restaurant, creating a pleasurable dining experience for guests and Dallas foodies alike.

Located off of Beltline near South Central Expressway, Bangkok at Beltline offers traditional Thai dishes with a twisted thai tea concept that will take high noon teas to a supernatural level.

Bangkok at Beltline Interior

Pop in for lunch or during the dinner hour to savor authentic Thai favorites such as Pad Thai, Thai noodles, and a variety of rice and curry dishes. But for true Thai lovers, we suggest the crab fried rice to send your tastebuds into overdrive. Tossed with real lump crab, this twist to traditional fried rice is flavorful and ultimately addictive.

Bangkok at Beltline Thai Sesame Cookie

If all else fails, try our Editor’s pick, the Thai Sesame Cookie (pictured right). Currently complimentary for all dine-in orders until December 20 and a permanent part of the Saturday Afternoon Thai Tea menu, this deliciously crafted cookie is the perfect pairing for afternoon chats, casual convo, and any of Bangkok’s ultra-soothing Thai teas.

But speaking of teas, let’s chat Bangkok at Beltline’s Afternoon Thai Tea Offering…

It’s what we’re coining as “not your average afternoon tea,” as the exclusive menu boasts mouth-watering savory creations like curry stuffed dumplings, to sweet tooth confections of pastries and desserts like Coconut Panna Cotta (coconut custard with oven roasted vanilla pineapple), or Thai Tea macarons.

Crafted with love by local Pastry Chef and Co-owner of Haute Sweets Patisserie Tida Pichakron, the Afternoon Thai tea hosts many creations specially created for the innovative concept, that pairs excellently with traditional Thai Tea.

Bangkok City Afternoon Thai Tea2

Afternoon Thai Tea is only offered on Saturdays at 2 p.m. and reservations are required. This experience is first come, first served for the first 20 guests who make reservations. While afternoon tea is ordinarily presumed as a fashionable affair, the welcoming aura of Bangkok at Beltline bids you come casually chic.

For more information on Bangkok at Beltline, visit Bangkok at Beltline is located at 100 S. Central Expressway, Suite 108, Richardson, TX 75080. Walk-ins are welcomed but reservations are recommended by calling 469-930-9755.  


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