Alex Trebek’s Family Donates Clothing to People in Need Through The Doe Fund

February 12, 2021

Alex Trebek’s death in November of 2020 was big news for many people. He was the beloved host of television game show “Jeopardy!” for 37 seasons, and was beloved by many. His spirit of giving and charismatic personality set him apart as someone for the entire nation, perhaps even the world, to love.

So when he passed, his family, and the crew of “Jeopardy!”, wanted to do something to continue his legacy. That is why they decided to donate much of his gameshow wardrobe to The Doe Fund, a nonprofit organization that helps provide paid work, housing, resources, vocational training, and comprehensive social services to Americans who have suffered from drug addiction, incarceration, or homelessness.

What is The Doe Fund?

The Doe Fund is dedicated to helping people regain control of their life, especially those who have been previously incarcerated. They also help those struggling with addiction or homelessness, but often these issues can come hand-in-hand with incarceration.

This fund can help many, many Americans, especially because becoming homeless or getting incarcerated is much easier than some people think. Small crimes — such as jaywalking or speeding — that may be done accidentally can lead to a lot of trouble.

Since 2007 in the U.S., a person can be charged with a felony after being charged with a third or further offense in their lifetime. For these “repeat offenders,” that can often mean that a small mistake can cause them to lose everything.

Further, in some states there are even more consequences. A repeat DUI offender in Maryland can face up to $3,000 in fines and 18 months without a license. For people already struggling with money, not being able to afford that fine can lead to them being in debt or becoming incarcerated. Additionally, failing to have a license could mean even more money lost because they can’t get to work.

The Doe Fund works to help these people because everyone deserves a chance at a better life. Everyone deserves to be healthy, have a roof over their head, and have a job. The Doe Fund helps people to attain those things.

Going back into many fields, especially business, can be hard for prior convicts, especially when an employer rejects them for being a prior felon without ever getting to know them. With the help of The Doe Fund, many people can find the right way to get a career, that will help them have a better lifestyle in the future.

How does the Trebek family’s donation help?

The Trebek family’s donation includes a multitude of options for people looking to dress up for job interviews and more. They include:

  • 14 suits
  • 58 dress shirts
  • 25 polo shirts
  • 14 sweaters
  • 15 belts
  • 300 neckties
  • 9 pairs of dress shoes
  • 2 pairs of dress slacks
  • 9 sports coats
  • 2 parkas

All of this clothing will then be given by The Doe Fund to people who are trying to get back into the work field. These clothes are intended to be used for job interviews and even at the job. With this amount of clothing, it means that this generous donation could easily help dozens of people get a job that they deserve despite a turbulent history.

This kind of clothing can be vital to putting forth a good impression. In fact, 60% of recruiters value how a potential hire might fit in with their company’s culture above all else. And wearing good clothing can help to show that someone might be a good fit.

The Trebek Family’s donation of much of Alex Trebek’s wardrobe to The Doe Fund will help many people in a bad situation be given a chance to have a good life again. Trebek’s spirit of giving lives on through actions like this one, and will continue to do so into the future.

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