A Royal Affair: Bilquis Bottles Ancient Wine Blend, Dishes on Twist to Holiday Cocktails

December 10, 2018

Bilquis: A Dallas-based Wine Fit for Royalty

What originally began as a celebratory toast between the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon — and notably recognized as one of the oldest alcoholic beverages known to man, has now been bottled up, modernized, and luxuriously packaged to currently reintroduce itself as an Ethiopian authentic masterpiece known as Bilquis.

Categorized as “more than just a wine”, Bilquis is an authentic Ethiopian brand of tej (Ethiopian wine) – a delicious mead crafted out of honey, hops and water. A pure embodiment of ancient hospitality and heritage, the Dallas-based, women-owned label is experiencing a surge in its interest, spanning from numerous restaurants and locations in Dallas to now Fort Worth, Arlington, Houston, San Antonio and beyond.

Co-founded by Dallas-based dentist and entrepreneur Hana Worede (also of Ethiopian descent), the blossoming brand is now aiming to hit shelves all over the world.

“Bilquis is my life and my passion,” Worede says. “In creating Bilquis, I have an opportunity to not only share this special cultural gift with the world but to also do good beyond the glass – sharing the selfless, open-handed, and giving spirit of my culture. With every bottle sold, I would like to give back.”

In the spirit of generosity and innovation, a portion of the purchase of every bottle of Bilquis goes to support charitable organizations in Ethiopia –specifically those focused on economic development, accessible clean water, and education.

We caught up with the Worede and in the spirit of the holiday season, asked for a new twist to holiday cocktails that Bilquis can provide.

  1. An elegant honey wine that’s as delicate as it is approachable, Bilquis can be served chilled all by itself (with food, especially spicy food).
  2. Bilquis+ bitters (i.e. grapefruit). According to Worede, “I believe this is a great pairing to have during Christmas dinner.” 
  3. Bilquis+ bubbles (Prosecco / champagne) (i.e. mimosas) “This is more of a celebratory cocktail to have during Christmas or New Years Eve.
  4. Bilquis can also be paired with citrus (soda water, lemon, or orange zest/twist), spice, or beer/shandy and tea (Chamomile cocktail).

Bilquis wine retails at $20 per bottle and is sold in select locations (including Spec’s Wine, Spirits & Finer Foods) across Dallas, Houston and other areas of Texas. The brand is also offered at Dallas restaurants Queen of Sheba, Desta, Proof + Pantry, MarRosso Café, Chocolate Secrets, Shebelle Ethiopian Cuisine and Bar, and Phoenicia Specialty Foods in Houston. Visit for more information.

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