7 Corporate Event Ideas That Don’t Suck

June 1, 2018

So it’s your job to plan the corporate event for improving company culture this year. Normally these events are pretty boring, but you want to break the trend. While this isn’t going to be easy, you can do it! Here are some corporate event ideas that are actually fun to draw inspiration from.

  1. Yacht Party
    Okay, this might be a bit ambitious so far as corporate event ideas go, but if you have the budget for renting a yacht, this is a wildly memorable idea. You will be able to plan a weekends worth of team building games that help build your culture. In another environment, some employees might not be so thrilled about this idea. On a yacht, though, you’re all going to have a good time. Complimenting this, if the budget stretches the company could have a look into the possibilities of hiring an Executive Car Service in Northern VA, to make the ride there and back just as memorable.
  2. A Formal Gala
    Perhaps your office is a more formal environment and you time the time to support local charities. This type of event can seem dry to some people, but for the right office culture, formal galas are an instant win. If the function will need a bit of livening up, you could think about checking out a site like https://photoboothvancity.ca/corporate-event/ and renting a photo booth for the night. Also, you could spice it up a bit by renting a limo so you can all arrive in style. On the weekends, 40% of all limo services are accounted for by weddings, proms, and parties like yours, so make sure to book well in advance.
  3. Escape Rooms
    Escape rooms are fun for any tightly knit group of people. The idea is that you get a bunch of friends or coworkers together and are then locked in a room. In this room are hidden clues that will ultimately reveal the way out. Escaping from these rooms takes teamwork and ingenuity, which is why 19% of escape room customers are actually corporate clients seeking team building training. This is the type of event that brings people together to achieve a common goal all while having fun.
  4. Company Barbeque
    Outdoor cookoffs are a great, budget-friendly way to hang out with coworkers in a relaxed setting. Delicious food and warm weather will put everyone’s mind at ease. If you are cooking messy spare ribs, remember to bring napkins. As a general rule, 200 napkins should suffice for a party of 15 people. Helping your employees to get to know each other as people, not just coworkers, is the first step toward more permanent bonds.
  5. Spirit Week
    Pyjama day, dress like a coworker day, 80s day, chocolate day, and so on… Pick ridiculous ways people can dress up each day of the week and let their creativity run wild. No one has to participate, of course, but those who wear the best costume will win cool prizes.
  6. Murder Mystery Dinner
    This one is a bit out there and probably is something you should plan only if you know people are going to be okay with it. This is an immersive play experience in which you and your coworkers go out to dinner and solve an acted murder. From the moment you walk in, the wait staff, hostess and any other person you meet is in on the murder answer, but it’s up to you to track down the killer. Spooky, but surely more fun than your run of the mill office party.
  7. (Not Your) House Party!
    This idea is a fun twist on the traditional office party. Rent out a home on Airbnb. Bring party supplies. Have a house party that lasts all night long. Make sure to clean up before you leave if you want a chance to do it again next year.

Corporate event ideas don’t need to be dull and repetitive. You can easily break the mold by trying any one of the above ideas, or use these ideas to plan your oud brilliant corporate event. You have been given a unique opportunity to plan this event. Carpe diem!

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