5 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Social Media Management

January 21, 2021

It’s no secret that the internet is the reason for hundreds of thousands of jobs across the world. The marketing and advertising worlds have changed drastically in the past few decades to adjust to new ways of thinking and new ways of sharing and spreading information. More and more people seek jobs and careers involving the internet, and the social media industry is part of this trend. Are you thinking about pursuing a career in social media management? Here a few reasons to consider it.

Your Education Can Vary

Social media is continuously changing and progressing. Today’s young adults are the most tech-savvy, and they’re aware of the different platforms and apps available to the public. You most likely have social media accounts and can easily navigate them. An update or change within an app or platform isn’t the end of the world; in fact, you’re aware of the progression the internet has made in the past few decades and welcome new and exciting updates.

Understanding social media is only part of a career in this field. Being a skillful writer and photographer and having knowledge of SEO, marketing trends, and internet projections are important, too. Many individuals who work exclusively with social media have degrees in marketing, advertising, business, communications, journalism, and now even more specific degrees, such as social media management. If you’re interested in working in social media, there isn’t a specific path to take.

Oftentimes, a bachelor’s degree in any related degree is enough to get an entry-level job in the industry that will allow for growth down the road. Even a person who had a career in a completely different field could find their way to a job in social media. For example, a former police officer’s knowledge could be helpful. Knowing facts about that industry, such as the fact that the United States sees over 16,000 home and car lockouts per day, could be helpful if they were to manage social media for government-run agencies in their career.

You Can Work in a Variety of Industries

Your education and experience also determine which industries will be willing to hire you. Social media managers are hired within small and big companies alike. They can be employed by marketing and advertising agencies, nonprofits, and big and small companies alike. A small business may want to hire a freelance social media manager, while a marketing agency may hire a social media manager to work in a team or on a particular account. There are several job opportunities for those working in social media, as many business owners want help to make their businesses more marketable online and interactive with the public.

Job Growth Will Continue

Throughout the world, the United States is the number one market for IT and business services. In the past few decades, there has been a surge of internet-related jobs across all industries. A social media manager is a relatively newer title that has become an integral part of all types of businesses across the world. With that being said, job growth for this particular career will continue, and it will likely expand and branch even further as people invent new platforms of social media and methods of advertising and online interaction.

You Can Positively Contribute to Society

Having an internet-centered job can seem stagnant, but with new technology being invented every day and the world constantly changing, there are several ways to positively contribute to society as a social media manager. Aside from advertising through social media and promoting a particular company or brand, you can also use your social media skills and powers for good. Running a blog, Q&A sessions, live videos and promotions, and interactions with customers can all prove to be helpful in a number of ways.

Working in a particular industry can allow social media managers to provide helpful information to customers and followers. For example, managing social media accounts for medical businesses could allow for helpful facts and tips to be shared, like how 46.5 million people suffered preventable injuries that needed medical assistance in 2018. Even in an internet-centered career, a social media manager can provide helpful advice and information to thousands of people.

You Will Always Be Learning and Growing

As the internet progresses, social media expands, and marketing and advertising methods adapt, so will the opportunities for individuals that decide to take this career path. A social media manager will always be learning new ways to develop, produce, and share content, communicate with clients, customers, patients, and followers, and expand a client or business’ brand. Additionally, since social media managers can work in a variety of industries, they will also be learning more about the industry they work in, too. This allows for continuous growth and the ability to enhance one’s knowledge.

If you’re looking for a career that is flexible, allows for work in a variety of industries, has vast job projection, allows for communication to positively inform and help the public, and provides learning and growth opportunities, a career in social media may be for you. Consider what you’d like to get out of a job and what you’re willing to put into it. Social media is constantly evolving, and the industry requires individuals that are willing to evolve and adapt to change with it.

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