4 Tips for Decorating Your Home With Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is hot on the home decor scene right now, and that in part is probably thanks to the surge in rustic designs. You’ve just bought your new item of wooden furniture from furniture in fashion and you want to make sure it matches everything else. There are so many styles and tones when it comes to wood furniture, and it can be hard to figure out how exactly to put a room together using it. Here are some tips for decorating your interior with beautiful wood furniture.

Find a few finishes that you love

Often times, when people buy furniture one piece at a time from flea markets, yard sales, or secondhand stores, they end up with a lot of clashing tones. Clashing wood tones can translate as very busy and unappealing. You want to stick with two or three types of finishes and repeat them a couple times throughout a space.

Figure out the undertones

Wood either has warm or cool undertones. The undertones of wood is a key factor to remember when purchasing any wooden antique furniture from somewhere like antiquesworld.co.uk or any other antique furniture seller. Cool undertones have a grayish cast, while warm undertones appear yellow, orange, and red. Mixing a warm undertone with a cool undertone is not going to look great. Neutral undertones are the most versatile as you can mix them with either color temperature. When in doubt, though, stick to one palette.

Use a buffer between pieces

When you have two wood pieces of different styles near each other, it’s best to use another non-wood piece between the two to act as a buffer. For example, if you’re placing a wood table directly on top of a different wood floor, it’s best to use a decorative rug or carpet between the two pieces.

Go with the grain

The grain refers to the stripes, swirls, or flame-like shapes that appear in the wood. You want to keep these grain patterns consistent throughout your spaces. Just as too many fabric patterns can look busy and unappealing, so can too many grain patterns in wood. This also applies for the color of the wood stain you use. If you have too many colours of wood it can make the room look ugly.

Not only is wood furniture beautiful, it’s long lasting, too. Consumers expect wall decor and wood furniture to have a longer lifespan of more than 15 years comparatively, and it often does. So by all means, decorate your home with wood. Just make sure you don’t go on the tacky side of things.

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