4 CBD Product Lines That Can Help With Anxiety and Depression

February 17, 2021

There is a big difference between marijuana and CBD. As the debate rages as to whether or not recreational and even medical marijuana usage should be legalized, many people fail to realize that there is a major difference between this product and CBD products. Many people still lump the two of them together, especially in states where marijuana usage is highly restricted. Although some states where marijuana is illegal are more relaxed in their approaches to penalties, others are not. In Missouri, for example, possession of as little as less than 35 grams of marijuana counts as a misdemeanor offense. But in that same state, CBD can be legally purchased. That in itself should speak to how different CBD is from marijuana.

The main issue between CBD and marijuana is that, despite their similar chemical structures, CBD and THC (the active component in marijuana) ultimately act quite differently from one another. Technically, both are psychoactive. However, CBD is not psychoactive in the same way that THC is psychoactive. THC is known for producing a high that can be borderline hallucinatory, while CBD is used more to treat things like depression, anxiety, and seizures. In fact, CBD has even been connected to the treatment of erectile dysfunction. With about 30 million American men suffering from ED, this treatment in itself can be life-changing for people plagued by such a particular problem.

Because CBD is legal to buy and sell, it comes in many different forms. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with your options when it comes to buying CBD products. Perhaps one of the most common reasons why people take CBD products to begin with is to help treat their anxiety and depression symptoms. Although it’s important that you consult with your doctor before taking CBD for these issues (and as the MMCP requires providers to keep their patients’ medical records for a decade, this is usually easy) you should also invest in CBD products that are compatible with your likes as well as your lifestyle. With that in mind, let’s explore some of the best CBD products for depression and anxiety.

1. Gold Bee

Gold Bee CBD oil is known for being quite different compared to other variants of CBD oils. This is in part because its products are organically made, and sourced directly from hemp plants grown in Colorado. Therefore, you can not only know that you’re using CBD oils that are safe to use and as natural as possible; but those that are American-made as well. It’s also a great CBD oil for first-time users, or for those that want low to mid-level effects.

So, why is it called Gold Bee? Because of honey, of course! Gold Bee offers flavored CBD oils among their product lines, and they specifically sweeten their CBD products with honey. Used for mild stress relief, Gold Bee products come in several different forms other than straightforward oils. Perhaps among the brand’s most popular products are their honey sticks and their capsules.

2. CBDistillery

If you haven’t heard of CBDistillery before, it’s probably because you’re newer to CBD products in general. CBDistillery has existed as a brand for about six years, and it has built up a great reputation among CBD users as one of the best CBD companies worldwide. There is a wide range of CBD oils offered by CBDistillery, including CBD isolate and full-spectrum oils.

Unlike Gold Bee, CBDistillery comes in many different potencies, with their products containing anywhere from 250 milligrams to 5,000 milligrams of CBD. Although its excellent reputation means that CBDistillery has the ability to turn quite a profit, the company is also focused on educating people about the benefits of CBD and ensuring that those who need CBD products are able to access them. While the products are not made from organic hemp, this choice was made in part to ensure that the products are readily affordable, with a bottle of the 250 mg capsules being just $20. This is the kind of deal that’s difficult to pass up!

3. Royal CBD

Based in California, Royal CBD is another great company that offers a broad selection of different potency levels in CBD products. Therefore, both new and experienced CBD users can find something to like at Royal CBD. But part of the reason why these products are so popular, aside from the fact that they come in different potencies, is that people appreciate the way Royal CBD creates them.

Carbon dioxide is actually used in its supercritical form to extra CBD oil. Not only is this a great way of acquiring extremely pure oil extracts, but Royal CBD is also still extremely strict about quality control measures. All products are tested by independent laboratories to ensure that they are as safe as possible, which cannot be said about all CBD companies.

4. Nuleaf Naturals

Similarly Royal CBD, Nuleaf Naturals is a company that has existed for some time. Although its product line is fairly slight, what the company sells is incredibly high quality. With bottles that are 240 milligrams and 4,850 milligrams, the potencies are either quite small or fairly high. Each potency will also come in a different size, which means that you’ll also need to consider the amount of CBD products that you’ll actually want.

A great thing about Nuleaf Naturals, however, is that they do use organic hemp for all of their products. Additionally, each of their batches is tested by certified labs for potency. Therefore, there is no chance that you will stumble across a “bad batch”. The quality control of Nuleaf Naturals is impeccable.

There are a lot of things to consider when buying CBD products. These products are typically fairly expensive and with good reason. Additionally, they can become more expensive when organic materials are used, or when quality control becomes more intense. But these elements are important, and you shouldn’t feel bad about being picky when choosing CBD products. The more careful you are about choosing your products, the more effective they will be when treating the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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