3 Smart Pro Tips For The Modern Day Business Traveler

December 21, 2017

If you’re one of the countless Americans that frequently travel for business, you’re certainly not alone. Business travelers are subjected to a unique set of challenges that only repeated trial and error can help them overcome. From staying healthy, to getting places on time, and maintaining your mental state throughout each and every chaotic excursion, it can seem impossible to maintain the never-ending balancing act. Here are just a few smart tips that all modern day business travelers should keep in mind.

Invest In Portable Cookware

If you’re the type of person that enjoys cooking, don’t feel as though you have to give it up whenever you’re on the road. There are a number of convenient and portable cooking options that can open up a world of cooking possibilities in hotel rooms without kitchens. Induction cooktops are just one example, and while the basic principles of induction heating have been applied to manufacturing since the 1920s, its applications in cooking methodology have been more recent. However, induction cooktops are one of the best portable options because they heat up very quickly and use electricity as opposed to coal, butane, or firewood. Just plug it in and you’re ready to start cooking!

Keep in mind that induction cooktops do require suitable pots and pans, so if you don’t have the space for a few small dishes in your luggage, it may be better to choose a different option designed for a singular purpose, such as a small crockpot, a panini press, a quesadilla maker, or a rice cooker. However, most agree that induction cooktops and hot plates offer the most versatility regarding cooking potential. And, of course, be prepared to check your luggage.

Take Advantage Of Travel Rewards

While many travelers take advantage of the countless travel rewards programs available, they often make some detrimental mistakes: they don’t stick to it, they don’t track their miles properly, or they simply use too many programs at once to accumulate any significant rewards. However, according to a 2011 report, 86% of consumers will pay more for a better experience, and these rewards can provide additional travel perks typically associated with them.

“What doesn’t make sense is why so few people are keeping track of their points and miles when there are such good resources out there to do so easily. They are worth money. Sometimes they are worth a lot of money — depending on how you redeem them,” Brian Kelly of ThePointsGuy.com told Business Insider.

If you can relate to one or more of these problems, consider making an account with a service such as AwardWallet, a site designated to tracking miles from all of your rewards accounts, as well as your passwords for each one.

Have An Emergency Medical Plan

Finally, throughout the chaos of all the late nights and early flights, remember that your personal health and wellness should always be your first priority. Many business and leisure travelers have created their own personal first aid kits, which can help treat minor ailments. For more serious health concerns, it’s important to determine the location of the closest hospital or preferred medical facility. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost 100,000 people die every year from diseases acquired inside U.S. hospitals, so make sure to prioritize proper treatment.

Ultimately, being aware of these travel tips can help you to stay healthy and productive on the road year round.

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