3 of the Most Famous Royal Marriages that Ended in Divorce

May 25, 2018

The love stories of royal couples are splashed across every news channel and magazine, especially as of late. But while their royal relationships may seem perfect on the outside, you never know what’s going on behind closed doors. In fact, it was an English monarch that pretty much invented divorce as we know it today. Getting a divorce will be tough for everybody involved (even the royal family doesn’t like divorce). There are so many things that need to be considered during a divorce, such as what lawyer to get. There are loads of divorce lawyers, for example, you could take a look at someone like this Chicago Divorce Lawyer if you wanted. Obviously, for the royal family though the process of getting divorced will be a bit different.

For men and women in royal families, avoiding any type of scandal is the key to success. Of course, no one is immune to marriage problems and it sounds like a some of them needed the Raleigh Mediation Attorney because some of them ended messily. Even though they’re royalty, it’s important to remember that they’re human. And while divorce is rarer among royal couples, it does happen. From Prince Charles and Princess Diana to Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, let’s take a look at a few of the most famous divorces in modern royal history.

Probably the most famous divorce of them all is Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The two divorced in 1996 after getting married in 1981. They had two children together: Prince William and Prince Harry. The famous couple actually separated four years earlier in 1992 after calls from their lovers. The lover on Diana’s side was James Gilbey, while Charles’ was his current wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. There had been rumors for many years about Charles and Camilla being together, so it wasn’t a surprise when the two married following the divorce. Most people, in fact, will choose to marry again within three years of their divorce. Diana and Charles’ official divorce went through in August 1996, which was a year before Diana’s tragic death.

Prince Anne’s and Captain Mark Phillips’ divorce is another one of the most famous in royal history. Princess Anne, the daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, and Captain Mark Phillips got married in 1973, but separated in 1989. The pair made their divorce official in 1992. People Magazine said they didn’t plan on divorcing when they decided to separate, but obviously that plan was changed a few years after. It’s believed that the split was caused by unfaithfulness on both ends and a lack of love.

Queen Elizabeth II’s third child Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson in 1986. But the two divorced after only six years of marriage. Following their divorce, the two remained close friends, which was good for their two children. But, months after the divorce, Ferguson was photographed topless in the sun with her financial advisor. That was a huge scandal for the royal family. Because of that, and the divorce, she has been snubbed by a few members of her royal family.

If you know you or anyone you know is currently going through a divorce, it will be a tough time for them. A lot of people just want someone to talk to and help them resolve this issue. Inform them of getting in touch with a family lawyer and maybe think about getting fixed fee packages as this will give you clarity over the cost of proceedings. While divorce may be difficult to get through, it can happen to anyone. In fact, between 40% and 50% of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. It can even occur within the royal monarchy. It’s important to remember that royalty are humans, and they are allowed to fall in and out of love like anyone else.

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